23 June 2017
24 May 2017
Photos Archived
The dynamic photo album has been retired. All old photos are still available as Archived Photo Albums.
06 Sep 2009
Web email client changed
The default web email client has been changed to Roundcube Email. Your address book will be copied from your squirrelmail account when you login for the first time. The login page contains some information about the new client.
31 Jan 2009
New email interface available!
Roundcube Email is a modern web email interface (unlike SquirrelMail). It appears to be at the point where it is usable so I have installed it as an alternative interface. Your address book has been copied from the squirrelmail account.
06 Jan 2009
Certificates Recreated
All the security certificates, including the one I use for signing the rest, have been recreated. What this means is you will be asked to accept the certificates again the first time you connect to the secure webserver (for example to check email, update the photo album, etc) and the secure imap and email servers. The reason for this change is an insecurity in the old signing algorthm I had used. Although it is unlikely anyone would have wasted there time breaking the one for copi.org I decided to recreate them anyway. This insecurity is a large issue for the web at large since some of the high-priced certificate signing companies also use the insecure algorithm.
12 Dec 2008
IPv6 Ready!
The OS on Copi.org has been updated and all services are now also accessible via ipv6. For the most part this means nothing to anyone. At some point ipv6 will have to take over the world. For now getting real ipv6 connectivity is difficult. Copi.org uses a free tunnel provided by Hurricane Electric. Thus connecting via ipv6 will probably be slower since there will be more hops between you and copi.org. Regardless, copi.org is ready for the future. The US just needs to catch up with the rest of the world now!