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September 02, 2014
6:05:02 PM (EDT)

10:05:02 PM (UTC)
Absolute date: 735,478
Day 245 and Second 21,233,102 of current year
114 shopping days until Christmas

Phase of moon: first quarter
Age of moon: 6 days (until next full moon)

For Cleveland (EDT)
Sun rise: 6:54 AM, set: 7:59 PM (today)
Sun rise: 6:55 AM, set: 7:57 PM (tomorrow)

Julian Day

Julian Calendar
August 20, 2014

ISO Calendar
Day 02 of Week 36 of Year 2014

World Calendar
Saturday, September 02, 2014

Hebrew Calendar
8 Elul 5774

Islamic Calendar
Dhu al-Qada 08, 1435

Mayan Calendars
Long Count:
Haab (Civil): 11 Mol
Tzolkin (Religious): 11 Etznab

French Revolutionary
Time: 7:53:50
Décade II, Sextidi de Fructidor de l'Année 222 de la Révolution

Misra 27, 1730

Nahas 28, 2006

Sahrivar 11, 1393

14th day of Names, B.E. 171

Events for 09/02

Queen Liliuokalani (last queen of Hawaii) (176 years ago)
Paul Mathieu Hermann Laurent (173 years ago)
Peter Ueberroth (77 years ago)
Mark Harmon (63 years ago)
Jimmy Connors (62 years ago)

Sir William Rowan Hamilton (149 years ago)
JRR Tolkien (41 years ago)

London fire destroyed about two thirds of London (348 years ago)
Gregorian Calendar adopted (Sep 3 became Sep 14) (262 years ago)
US Treasury Department established (225 years ago)
Japan signed unconditional surrender (69 years ago)
Last "Star Trek" episode was telecast (45 years ago)

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