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December 09, 2016
6:05:02 PM (EST)

11:05:02 PM (UTC)
Absolute date: 736,307
Day 344 and Second 29,786,702 of current year
16 shopping days until Christmas

Phase of moon: waxing gibbous
Age of moon: 4 days (until next full moon)

For Cleveland (EST)
Sun rise: 7:42 AM, set: 4:57 PM (today)
Sun rise: 7:43 AM, set: 4:57 PM (tomorrow)

Julian Day

Julian Calendar
November 26, 2016

ISO Calendar
Day 05 of Week 49 of Year 2016

World Calendar
Saturday, December 09, 2016

Hebrew Calendar
10 Kislev 5777

Islamic Calendar
Rabi I 10, 1438

Mayan Calendars
Long Count:
Haab (Civil): 10 Mac
Tzolkin (Religious): 8 Manik

French Revolutionary
Time: 7:53:50
Décade II, Nonidi de Frimaire de l'Année 225 de la Révolution

Hatur 30, 1733

Takhsas 01, 2009

Azar 19, 1395

17th day of Speech, B.E. 173

Events for 12/09

John Milton (408 years ago)
Fritz Haber (148 years ago)
Clarence Birdseye (130 years ago)
Grace Hopper (inventor of COBOL) (110 years ago)
James Rainwater (99 years ago)

Douglas "Wrong Way" Corrigan (21 years ago)

Noah Webster established 1st NY daily newspaper (223 years ago)
1st Christmas Seals sold (109 years ago)
John Birch Society founded (58 years ago)
"A Charlie Brown Christmas" shown for 1st time (51 years ago)
The Who's "Tommy" premiered (43 years ago)

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