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January 26, 2015
12:01:02 PM (EST)

5:01:02 AM (UTC)
Absolute date: 735,624
Day 26 and Second 2,246,462 of current year
333 shopping days until Christmas

Phase of moon: first quarter
Age of moon: 7 days (since last new moon)

For Cleveland (EST)
Sun rise: 7:44 AM, set: 5:35 PM (today)
Sun rise: 7:43 AM, set: 5:36 PM (tomorrow)

Julian Day

Julian Calendar
January 13, 2015

ISO Calendar
Day 01 of Week 05 of Year 2015

World Calendar
Thursday, January 26, 2015

Hebrew Calendar
6 Shevat 5775

Islamic Calendar
Rabi II 05, 1436

Mayan Calendars
Long Count:
Haab (Civil): 17 Muan
Tzolkin (Religious): 1 Kan

French Revolutionary
Time: 0:00:72
Décade I, Septidi de Pluviôse de l'Année 223 de la Révolution

Tubah 18, 1731

Ter 18, 2007

Bahman 06, 1393

8th day of Sovereignty, B.E. 171

Events for 01/26

General Douglas MacArthur (135 years ago)
Stephane Grappelli (violinist) (107 years ago)
Paul Newman (90 years ago)
Reinhard Friedrich Arthur Oehme (87 years ago)
Bob Uecker (80 years ago)
Gene Siskel (69 years ago)

Arthur Cayley (120 years ago)

Sydney Australia settled (237 years ago)
Michigan became 26th state (178 years ago)
Hong Kong proclaimed a British sovereign territory (174 years ago)
Louisiana became 6th state to secede (154 years ago)
Captain Wells discovered largest diamond in world (110 years ago)
India became a republic (65 years ago)
"We are the World" recorded as a benefit (30 years ago)

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