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January 22, 2020
12:01:02 PM (EST)

5:01:02 AM (UTC)
Absolute date: 737,446
Day 22 and Second 1,900,862 of current year
338 shopping days until Christmas

Phase of moon: waning crescent
Age of moon: 3 days (until next new moon)

For Cleveland (EST)
Sun rise: 7:47 AM, set: 5:30 PM (today)
Sun rise: 7:46 AM, set: 5:31 PM (tomorrow)

Julian Day

Julian Calendar
January 09, 2020

ISO Calendar
Day 03 of Week 04 of Year 2020

World Calendar
Sunday, January 22, 2020

Hebrew Calendar
25 Teves 5780

Islamic Calendar
Jumada I 26, 1441

Mayan Calendars
Long Count:
Haab (Civil): 14 Muan
Tzolkin (Religious): 3 Cimi

French Revolutionary
Time: 0:00:72
Décade I, Tridi de Pluviôse de l'Année 228 de la Révolution

Tubah 14, 1736

Ter 14, 2012

Bahman 02, 1398

4th day of Sovereignty, B.E. 176

Events for 01/22

Ivan "the Great" III (580 years ago)
Sir Francis Bacon (459 years ago)
Lord Byron (232 years ago)
Lev Davidovich Landau (112 years ago)
JJ Johnson (trombonist) (96 years ago)
Sam Cooke (85 years ago)

Molly Pitcher (188 years ago)
Queen Victoria (119 years ago)
Telly Savalas (26 years ago)

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