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October 22, 2017
12:01:02 PM (EDT)

4:01:02 AM (UTC)
Absolute date: 736,624
Day 295 and Second 25,488,062 of current year
64 shopping days until Christmas

Phase of moon: waxing crescent
Age of moon: 2 days (since last new moon)

For Cleveland (EDT)
Sun rise: 7:47 AM, set: 6:35 PM (today)
Sun rise: 7:48 AM, set: 6:34 PM (tomorrow)

Julian Day

Julian Calendar
October 09, 2017

ISO Calendar
Day 07 of Week 42 of Year 2017

World Calendar
Sunday, October 22, 2017

Hebrew Calendar
2 Cheshvan 5778

Islamic Calendar
Safar 01, 1439

Mayan Calendars
Long Count:
Haab (Civil): 2 Zac
Tzolkin (Religious): 13 Kan

French Revolutionary
Time: 0:00:72
Décade I, Primidi de Brumaire de l'Année 226 de la Révolution

Babah 12, 1734

Teqemt 12, 2010

Mehr 30, 1396

7th day of Knowledge, B.E. 174

Events for 10/22

Franz Liszt (206 years ago)
Sarah Bernhardt (173 years ago)
Clinton Joseph Davisson (136 years ago)
Joan Fontaine (100 years ago)
Christopher Lloyd (79 years ago)
Annette Funicello (75 years ago)
Jeff Goldblum (65 years ago)

Princeton chartered (271 years ago)
Great Disappointment (Millerites predict 2nd coming) (173 years ago)
Metropolitan Opera House (NY) held grand opening (134 years ago)
Chester Carlson invented xerography (79 years ago)
JFK announced USSR missile bases in Cuba (55 years ago)
US National debt topped $1 TRILLION (36 years ago)
Surgeon General released his 1st report on AIDS (31 years ago)

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